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Cultural mediation at FIFF

Delphine Niederberger lors d'une séance pour EMS au FIFF 2019.

Interview with Delphine Niederberger, head of cultural mediation

How would you define "cultural mediation"?

The way I see cultural mediation it is a mean to help the public to "encounter" cultural goods. It stimulates discovery and assist in this discovery. I think that cultural mediation focuses on reception of a cultural good rather than its circulation.

What are FIFF's mediation activities?

Most of my work is dedicated to the organisation of Planète Cinéma, our programme for schools. We offer a selection of films suitable for various age — from primary school to schools of applied science — including an educational support. This year, more than 11 200 participants attended the screenings.

What are the other undertakings?

During the Festival, my teammates and I manage the FIFForum, which entails the encounters and discussions between the audience and professionnals of the cinema industry. Among other things, we also put on a special screening for deaf and partially deaf people. Aside from the Festival itself, we go to care homes to give elderly people a chance to see a selection of FIFF's movies. We also collaborate with Nouveau Monde for family screenings (Ciné Kids).

Do you plan on setting up other activities?

We develop one-off projects each year which do not focus necessarily on the Festival selection but on the medium "movie". There is a large number of possibilities. Cinema is a cultural production which involve a many steps, from storyboard to editing.

Is there a project you would set your heart on?

I would like to develop a workshop intended for youth on education in the visual image using analysis of film extracts. It is essential, I think, to train their critical look given the huge quantity of videos we face every day.

Last but not least, what film of Planète Cinéma programme was your favourite this year?

The Kenyan film Supa Modo. It is fresh in its form and deal with a difficult subject in a positive way. Schoolchildren and teachers loved it.


Shall you wish to get additionnal informations on FIFF's cultural mediation offer, please contact Delphine Niederberger: e-mail ( or phone (026 347 42 05)

Delphine Niederberger - présentation EMS
Delphine Niederberger during a presentation in a care home ©FIFF

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