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36e 18 - 27.03.2022

Cultural projects

Médiation culturelle

FIFF focuses on education and cultural programmes

FIFF wants to bring cinema to the most possible varied publics. Our aim is to support access to the diversity of cinema, to offer artistic discoveries and provoke reflection by creating spaces for dialog and interractions.
Find out more on all our projects below.

Planète Cinéma

Other cultural projects

Elderly persons

Since 2014, FIFF has offered to care home persons the possibility to come to public screenings during the festival with a preferential rate and an appropriate care. Complete information is available…

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Deaf and hearing impaired

Conversations with filmmakers at the end of screenings are a key moment at FIFF. It matters to FIFF's team that most people can benefit from those discussions. Consequently, the festival has put on…

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Présentation en duo - micro

Presentation in groups of two

At FIFF, we introduce each and every screening. This is a landmark at the Festival. Since 2016 FIFF has invited cinephiles of all ages and origins to take part in the Festival as a film presenter.

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"Le Noël de Petit Lièvre Brun" de Jo Boag, Australie, 2017

Ciné Kids

FIFF has collaborated with Nouveau Monde for their youngster programme since 2017. Three screenings followed by a free crafting workshop are held over the cultural center's season (from September to…

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