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Planète Cinéma, the FIFF’s school programme, presents a selection of films that are appropriate for a young audience and embrace all levels of education, from primary school kids to high school students. The programme offers an unique opportunity to discover the international cinematographic diversity. Thanks to encounters with directors and film makers from all over the world, the youngsters are able to gain insights into different approaches of filmmaking and learn how to analyse movies.

The youth programme’s films are chosen by a team that is specialised in the selection of films for a young audience. Teachers are free to choose the movie they wish their students to see amongst the films presented by Planète Cinéma. In 2018, more than 11'000 students attended the 77 screenings organised for a young audience.

Planète Cinéma is supported by the Canton of Fribourg and is a member of (in French only).

The programme is available in French and German only.

Further information in French
Further information in German

Planète Cinéma offers:

  • Film introductions before the screening
  • A dubbed version of the film or simultaneous translation if the students are too young to read subtitles
  • Encounters with the directors, producers or actors after the screenings
  • Tailor-made teaching material on the website (in French only)
  • A blog (in French only) where students can discuss movies and take on critical standpoints
  • A training programme for teachers, held in cooperation with Réseau/Netzwerk Cinéma CH  


Delphine Niederberger
T +41 26 347 42 05

Festival International de Films de Fribourg

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Esplanade de l'Ancienne Gare 3
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1701 Fribourg - Suisse
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