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Habib al omr

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  • Fiction
  • Egypt
  • 1947 | 120 min. | Fichier vidéo | Black and white
  • Language : Arabic
  • Subtitles :
Cast & Crew
Ismail Yasseen
Elias Moadab
Samia Gamal
Farid Al Atrache
Taha Omar
Farid Al Atrache
Production Company
, Les Films Farid Al Atrache
Henry Barakat
Egypt, 1914 - 1997
1942 El-muttahama (first of 112 films)
1959 Hassan wa Nayima (Berlinale)
1960 Doa al karawan (Berlinale)
1964 El bab al maftuh (Best Film at Jakarta Film Festival)
1965 El haram (Festival de Cannes)
1993 A Citizen under Invistigation (last film)

The quintessential Egyptian musical of the 1940s! A country boy tries his luck in the city and falls in love with a famous dancer. The film features two big stars of the era: the dancer and actress Samia Gamal and the musician and actor Farid Al Atrache. When they met on Henry Barakat's set a love story began that would electrify the public.

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