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35e 19 > 28.03.2021

El-Baydha Wal Hagar

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  • Fiction
  • Egypt
  • 1990 | 98 min. | Fichier vidéo | Colour
  • Language : Arabic
  • Subtitles :
Cast & Crew
Mahmoud Abu Zeid
Abdalah Mishrif
Fouad Khalil
Mamdouh Wafi
Maali Zayed
Ahmed Zaki
Ali Abdel-Khalek
Egypt, 1944
1972 Ughniyya ‘Ala al-Mamar (first of 26 films)
1982 El Ar
1985 El-Keif
1987 Arba’a Fi Muhimma Rasmiya
1991 El Mazag
2000 Rendez-vous
2004 Youm el karama
2005 Ahlamna Al-Hilwa (TV Series)
2007 Awlad Azzam (TV Series)

This film, which was given three different English titles, Eyewash, The Egg & The Stone and The Jugglers, recounts the sordid life of a Philosophy teacher in a corrupt society. Mistaken for a fortune teller, he uses tricks to manipulate people. This dark social satire starring Ahmed Zaki is a rare case of an Egyptian film that toys with the fantastical.


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Conception: Asphalte Design - Développement: Bluesystem