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Magda finds her daughter Dahab, who ran away after being rejected by her father. Dahab has found a new father figure: the travelling musician who saved her and made her a star. An actor and director whose career was cut short, Anwar Wagdi plays opposite and happily gives center stage to the very young actress who plays Dahab, the legendary Fairouz!

  • Fiction
  • Égypte
  • 1953 | 120 min. | Black and white
  • Language : Arabic
  • Subtitles : English
Cast & Crew
Ismail Yasseen
Anwar Wagdi
Kamel Al Telmassani
Anwar Wagdi
Production Company
, United Films Company
Anwar Wagdi
Egypt, 1904 - 1955
1922 Actor: Julius Caesar (minor role, Youssef Wahbi Theatre Company)
1927 Actor: Kubla fil Sahara (first of 50 films as an actor)
1946 Leila bint el fukura (first of 12 films as a director)
1954 Arbah banat wa zabit (last film as director and actor)

Proudly made by MiNT

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