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Rebecca Solari, Crème solaire

We asked several personalities of Fribourg what are the films of FIFF that they would like to see. Each one of them made a selection of five films. Find out along the week what are their choices.

Natacha Roos, head of the Culture service of the city of Fribourg, is looking forward to watching the following five films at FIFF19, and probably many others too:

Natacha Roos

Fribourg décapsule son cinéma
Le Renard et l'Oisille by Sam Guillaume et Fred Guillaume
On the Beach at Night Alone by Hong Sang-soo
The Red Phallus by Tashi Gyeltshen
The Third Wife by Ash Mayfair

Simon Farine partage avec nous les cinq films qu'il a hâte de découvrir au FIFF 2019:

Simon Farine

Dreamaway par Marouan Omara et Johanna Domke
Jinpa par Pema Tseden
Swing Kids par Kang Hyoung-chul
The Good Girls par Alejandra Márquez Abella
Volcano par Roman Bondarchuk

🎵 It is Laure Perret's turn to share her choice of films of FIFF19. Laure Perret is a musician, she created the magnificent music of the FIFF trailer:

Laure Perret

Compañeros - La noche de 12 años by Álvaro Brechner
• Compétition internationale: Courts métrages – programme 1
Daughters of the Dust by Julie Dust
Le Renard et l'Oisille by Sam Guillaume et Fred Guillaume
Woodpecker by José María Cabral

Charles Morerod, bishop of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg, chose the five films of FIFF19 he wishes to see:

Charles Morerod

A Thousand Girls Like Me by Sahra Mani
Compañeros - La noche de 12 años by Álvaro Brechner
ExamiNation by Judy Suh
Woodpeckers by José María Cabral
Zulu Love Letters by Ramadan Suleman

🎤 Rebecca Solari, singer of the band Crème solaire, shared with us her five favourite films of FIFF19 programme:

• Daughters of the Dust by Julie Dust
• Miriam Lies by Oriol Estrada
• Silence of the Wind by Álvaro Aponte Centeno
• The Seen and Unseen by Kamila Andini
• The Third Wife by Ash Mayfair

Xavier Meyer, general director of the music Festival Les Georges, made his choices: here are the films of #FIFF19 he would like to see:

Xavier Meyer, Festival Les Georges

El Hombre que cuida by Alejandro Andújar
Jinpa by Pema Tseden
Peace After Marriage by Ghazi Albuliwi et Bandar Albuliwi
Volcano by Roman Bondarchuk
Woodpeckers by José María Cabral

Léa Romanens, secretary general of Fri-Son, reveals her selection of movies she is eager to watch at FIFF19:

Léa Romanens MyProgramme

A Thousand Girls Like Me by Sahra Mani
Compañeros - La noche de 12 años by Álvaro Brechner
Diane a les épaules by Fabien Gorgeat
Dreamaway by Marouan Omara and Johanna Domke
ExamiNation by Judy Suh

Thierry Savary, director of Radio Fribourg, revealed his choices frist:

Thierry Savary MyProgramme

Swing Kids by Kang Hyoung-chul
The Looming Storm by Dong Yue
Farming by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Walter by Varante Soudjian
Woodpecker by José María Cabral

Share your programme too. MyProgramme allows you to bookmark films of FIFF you would like to see. You can then share your programme with your friends.

MyProgramme Merci

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