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36e 18 - 27.03.2022

FIFF21 sets a new record

"The House of Us" by Yoon Ga-eun, South Korea, 2019, at FIFF21

From 22nd to 26th March, students of all ages in the Canton of Fribourg and beyond will discover films chosen for Planète Cinéma, FIFF’s programme for schools. This year, over 15'700 participants have registered: a record!

The public edition of FIFF21 was postponed to July but it was not possible to move the screenings of Planète Cinéma. Those screenings usually take place during the Festival in packed cinema theatre of the area. Because of both the closing of cinemas and the obligation not to exceed one class per screening, FIFF’s cultural projects team together with the technical staff, had to find ways to make the school edition happen anyway.

For an extraordinary year, FIFF prepared an extraordinary solution. The films will be shown to students in their classrooms. Although Planète Cinéma had to give cinema theatres a miss, the team did not neglect the educational support they always offer. That support entails introductions for each film (on video this year), pedagogical material in French and German, and in class meetings and discussions with the cultural projects team.

Planète Cinéma aims at students of all ages, from primary school to higher education schools. FIFF’s school programme is the largest of its kind in Swizerland. The numer of participants this year skyrockets: it grows from 11’300 in its last edition in 2019 to more than 15,700 this Spring. Head of FIFF’s cultural projects Delphine Niederberger explains that this increase comes mainly form a thirst for culture: “Teachers are looking forward to offering students a cultural activity again. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, such outings have been reduced for a year. Teachers welcome our pandemic-proof solution with enthusiasm.”

The 2021 school programme contains thirteen films. Part of the latter were chosen specifically for Planète Cinéma. The rest comes from the various sections of the programme that the general audience will enjoy from 16th to 25th July in Fribourg.

See the programme for primary schools (in French and German)
See the programme for secondary schools and higher (in French and German)

The Ocean Behind the Window, Babak Nabi Zadeh (Iran, 2020), at FIFF21
The Ocean Behind the Window by Babak Nabi Zadeh (Iran, 2020)

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