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35e 16 > 25.07.2021

Sadako v Kayako

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Filmmaker Koji Shiraishi playfully and innovatively handles a clash between the two most terrifying ghosts of recent Japanese cinema. Two nightmares with long black hair: Sadako, from the Ring franchise, created in 1998, who has also starred in several follow-ups and American remakes, and Kayako, from the Ju-on franchise started in 2000, which also generated sequels and remakes, including The Grudge.

  • Swiss Premiere
  • Fiction
  • Japan
  • 2016 | 98 min. | Colour
  • Language : Japanese
  • Subtitles : English
Cast & Crew
Kôji Suzuki
Takashi Shimizu
Kôji Endô
Masahiro Kômoto
Misato Tanaka
Aimi Satsukawa
Tina Tamashiro
Mizuki Yamamoto
Production Company
, NBCUniversal Entertainment
, Kadokawa
Print Contact
Kodokawa Corporation
Miki Zeze
Kôji Shiraishi
Japan, 1973
2004 Ju-rei
2005 Noroi - The Curse
2007 Carved
2009 Grotesque
2009 Occult
2009 Teketeke 1 & 2
2010 White Eyes
2013 Cult
2014 A Record of Sweet Murder
image en background image en background

Conception: Asphalte Design - Développement: Bluesystem

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