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Mon Voisin, Mon Tueur

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It was ten years in the making, and rightfully so. The end result is a film that brilliantly captures the unthinkable and shows the Gacaca, the Rwandan system of community justice where perpetrators of the genocide meet in public with their victims to address the past and find a way to move forward. The film documents the anger, the accusations, the denials, the sadness, and the unfathomable horror, but also demonstrates that post-conflict reconciliation is not impossible.

Iyi filime yatwaye imyaka icumi. Ni igihe cyari gikenewe ngo maze Gacaca yerekane ko n’ibyo umuntu adatekereza bishoboka. Gacaca nk’uburyo gakondo bwo gukemura imanza, yatumye abacikacumu n’ababiciye bisobanura mu ruhame, mbere yo kongera kubana. Anne Agion arerekana uburakare, ibirego, guhakana, umubabaro, n’ibindi n’ibindi, yewe no kongera kubana kwa bose.

  • documentary
  • France, USA |
  • 2009 | 83 min. | Colour
  • Language: English | Kinyarwanda
  • Subtitles: French
Cast & Crew
Anne Aghion
Claire Bailly du Bois
Linette Frewin
Mathieu Hagnery
James Kakwerere
Simon Rittmeier
Nadia Ben Rachid
Anne-Marguerite Monory
Roland Duboué
Dolorès Jordi
Anne Aghion
Anne Aghion Films
Print Contact
Anne Aghion Films
Anne Aghion

2009 The Notebooks of Memory (documentary)

2005 In Rwanda We Say… The Family That Does Not Speak Dies (documentary, Emmy Award)
2003 Gacaca, Living Together Again in Rwanda? (documentary)
1996 Se le movió el piso: un retrato de Managua (documentary)

image en background

Conception: By the way studio - Développement: Agence MiNT

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