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Jacky au Royaume des Filles

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In the People’s Democratic Republic of Bubunne, it is the women who hold all the power. The men stay at home and must wear the veil. In a little village, 20-year-old Jacky is looking forward to the grand ball, where Colonelle, the daughter of the country’s ruler, will pick her future husband, the “Grand Couillon” (big schmuck). A zany inverted fairy story by a comic strip auteur turned director.

Special FIFF screening on 19th October at Cinéma Rex in Fribourg at 20:30: tickets

  • fiction
  • France
  • 2014 | 87 min. | Colour
  • Language : French
  • Subtitles : Deutsch
Cast & Crew
Riad Sattouf
Josée Deshaies
Virginie Bruant
Riad Sattouf
Valérie Deloof
Aurélien Mauro
Vincent Lacoste
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Didier Bourdon
Anne-Dominique Toussaint
Les Films des Tournelles
Riad Sattouf

2004-2012 La Vie secrète des Jeunes (comic)

2006 Pascal Brutal (comic)
2009 Les Beaux Gosses (first feature)
2018 Les Cahiers d’Esther (animated TV series)

image en background

Conception: By the way studio - Développement: Agence MiNT

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