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Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse

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  • Documentary
  • USA
  • 1991 | 96 min. | Fichier vidéo | Colour
  • Language : English
  • Subtitles : Français
Cast & Crew
Jay Miracle
Michael Greer
Todd Boekelheide
Burton Weinstein
Brian Risner
Francis Ford Coppola
Eleanor Coppola
Orson Welles
John Milius Milius
George Lucas
George Zaloom
Les Mayfield
Production Company
American Zoetrope
George Hickenlooper
USA, 1963 - 2010
Eleanor Coppola
USA, 1936
Fax Bahr
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Eleanor Coppola
1963 Married to Francis Ford Coppola
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The documentary initiated by Francis Ford Coppola's wife is not just a companion piece to the fictional Apocalypse Child (p. XX). This documentary about the filming of Apocalypse Now is essentially one of the best depictions of filmmaking. As riveting as the final work, Hearts of Darkness is also the story of a freedom that no longer exists in Hollywood.

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