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FIFForum and events 2023

There is much more to FIFF than films! The Festival also offers the public a great choice of side events, including Q&As, panel discussions, exhibitions, as well as special receptions and parties. Scroll down to view this year's events programme.

For the big-screen video game programme, check out the Cutscene page.​​​​​

FIFForum - A meeting place for filmmakers and cinephiles

FIFForum is a series of meetings, conferences and masterclasses. They are an opportunity for the public and industry professionals to meet and explore the themes addressed by films on the Festival programme, take a peak inside the FIFF competition or simply enjoy a special moment with FIFF's guest speakers. Entry to all these events is free.

All of the FIFForum venues take place in ARENA 4. Free entrance to all events organized by FIFForum. Booking is mandatory.

Organized with the support of the SRG SSR

 Conversation | Francine Lecoultre 
Une Fribourgeoise à Hollywood
Saturday 18.03.2023 | 18:00-19:30 | ARENA 4
In French only
Details and reservation
Francine Lecoultre au FIFF23
 Roundtable | New Territory 
Cinema making in the Republic of Moldova
Sunday 19.03.2023 | 17:15 - 18:45 | ARENA 4
In English/Romanian. A simultanous translation to French is available.
Details and reservation
Goodbye, Olegovici! by Eugeniu Popovici
 Roudtable | Decryption: Reality check 
Colonisation: what about Switzerland ?
Monday 20.03.2023 | 18:00-19:30 | ARENA 4
In German and French. A simultanous translation to French and German is available.
Details and reservation
L’argent, la liberté, une histoire du Franc CFA, par Katy Léna Ndiaye
 Workshop | Fribourg Films 
C’est quoi ces métiers au générique ?
Tuesday 21.03.2023 | 16:00-17:30 | ARENA 4
In French only
Details and reservation
Benoit Dietrich lors de l'atelier Fribourg Films. du FIFF22
 Conversation | Marc Atallah and Thierry Jobin 
La folle histoire culinaire de la fiction.
Wednesday 22.03.2023 | 18:00-19:30 | ARENA 4
In French only
Details and reservation
Marc Atallah au FIFF22
 Conversation | Fatih Akin 
Friday 24.03.2023 | 18:00-19:30 | ARENA 4
In German. A simultanous translation to French is available.
Details and reservation
Fatih Akin, réalisateur de Rheingold
 Encounter - Les petits déjeuners du FIFF 
At the RadioFr. studio in Les Trentenaires restaurant and on the radio.
Monday 20.03 to Friday 24.03 | 10:00 – 11:00 | Les Trentenaires
In French only
No reservation necessary
Les petits déjeuners du FIFF22

Exhibitions and museums

Exhibits at FIFF

 Innovation & science fiction 
The Future of New Generations by Francine Lecoultre, multimedia artist & designer
Atelier-galerie J.-J. Hofstetter
Rue des Épouses 18, 1700 Fribourg
03.03 - 01.04.2023
Details and opening hours
Francine Lecoultre au FIFF23
Selection of photo books of the year
Le Point Commun
Place Jean Tinguely 1, 1700 Fribourg
14.03 - 26.03.2022
Monday to Saturday: 08:00 - 21:30
Free entry
eikon biblio


The world's first food museum.
Vevey, museum's website
With a ticket from FIFF, receive a free entry for the exhibition. This offer stands until 23rd April 2023.
Alimentarium, exposition sur le dégoût
 Maison d'ailleurs 
(Ré)volte !
Yverdon-les-Bains, museum's website
With a ticket from FIFF, receive a free entry for the exhibition. This offer stands from 11th to 31st March 2023.
Exposition (re)volte à la Maison d'ailleurs ©Thurstan Redding


Fribourg International Film Festival organises three workshops for children and teenagers. Two of them will take place in the Festival corner in the mall of Fribourg Centre between the 6th and the 18th March and the third one will take place at MEMO. You will find information about the workshops on this page. The registration form is available in French and German only.

 Hummus and mousse – Kitchen workshop 
08.03 and 15.03, 14:00
Fribourg Centre
The Lunchbox, Ritesh Batra (2013) au FIFF23
 Salsifilm – stop motion workshop 
11.03 and 18.03, 14:00
Fribourg Centre
Atelier found footage pour adolescent·es au FIFF22
 MEMO – Introduction to film review 
18.03, 13h45
Details and registration
MEMO, bibliothèque de la ville, Fribourg

The parties

The best way to end a day full of cinema is to let loose on the dancefloor of Nouveau Monde. Many parties will keep you awake during the nights of the Festival.

 Opening party 
Freitag 17.03 | 22:00 - 3:00
Free entry
With Collectif Hémisphère Café
Afrobeat House Funk Disco

Turbo Stallone au FIFF22 © Thomas Delley

 Turbo Falafel 
Saturday 18.03 | 22:00 - 3:00
Free entry
Funk Disco Electro Orientale

Soirée de clôture du FIFF22 © Régine Gapany

 Hawaii Ho'okanaka Jukebox 
Wednesday 22.03 | From 20:00
Free entry
Living Jukebox at Ancienne Gare Café

Karaoké au FIFF22 © Régine Gapany

 Le Quizine 
Thursday 23.03 | Doors 19:00, start 19:15
Free entry, registration compulsory
Quiz about cooking and food, hosted by Laymoun

Le Quizine, le quiz de la cuisine au FIFF23

Friday 24.03 | 22:00 - 3:00
Free entry
Hosted by Julia & Nicolas

Karaoké au FIFF22 © Régine Gapany

 Closing party 
Saturday 25.03 | 22:00 - 5:00
Free entry
With Goton le Cool & Bobby T

Soirée d'ouverture du FIFF22 © Régine Gapany

FIFF as guest in Bulle

Two days of FIFF in the city of Bulle on the 28th and 30th April 2023.

Programme still in progress

image en background

Conception: By the way studio - Développement: Agence MiNT

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