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Double Sentence

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Most incarcerated women are mothers. So what becomes of their children? Do they experience separation in the same way in Nepal, Canada, Bolivia and New York? This documentary is seen from the children's point of view: they are so often forgotten, invisible, and they bear the scars all their lives, whether or not they receive help. A heartbreaking journey.

  • Documentary
  • Suisse
  • 2017 | 103 min. | Colour
  • Language : Nepalese | French | Spanish | English
  • Subtitles : Français | Deutsch
Cast & Crew
Denis Jutzeler
Dominique Fortin
Marcel Vaid
Henri Maïkoff
Alfi Sinniger
Denise Roberts
Sarah Born
Production Company
, Cinémaginaire Inc.
, Catpics
Print Contact
Catpics AG
Theresa Berres
Léa Pool
Switzerland, Canada, 1950
1978 Laurent Lamerre, portier (short documentary)
1984 La Femme de l’hôtel (awarded at TorontoIFF)
1986 Anne Trister (Berlinale)
1987 A Corps perdu
1994 Mouvements du désir
1999 Emporte-moi (awarded at Berlinale)
2002 Lost & Delirious
2008 Maman est chez le coiffeur

Proudly made by MiNT

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