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Award winners 2016

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Grand Prize «LE REGARD D’OR»

International Competition: Feature Films

For the uniqueness of the settings and the precision with which the filmmaker unfolds this intimate quest and reveals to us the complexity of the world and of the human soul. For the force and the beauty of the protagonist, whom we follow without passing judgement, and whom we feel so close to, in spite of the fact that the world she belongs to is so very far from our own.

Special Mention (LE REGARD D’OR)


Matías Meyer
International Competition: Feature Films

We decided to award a special mention to a film that surprised and moved us, and that brought us, with intelligence and tenderness, into the innermost being of a giant.


International Competition: Feature Films

For the sensitivity and the power of the mise-en-scène. For the talent of the whole cast and direction and the ability to immerse us completely, with all our senses.

The Audience Award

International Competition: Feature Films

The FIPRESCI Jury Award

International Competition: Feature Films

The FIPRESCI prize goes to a film that convinces through an enchanting and poetic blend of images, words and sounds. Set in a community with its traditions, the story deals in a subtle way with the attempt to preserve a childhood love. The young director has succeeded in moving us by her portrayal of a steadfast woman.

The Ecumenical Jury Award

International Competition: Feature Films

We decided to present this award to the film that we felt best highlighted these challenges to contemporary life, to solidarity and to compassion, in the most universal manner possible, through the choices made by its protagonist in her refusal to give up and in her capacity to disobey authority.

The Don Quijote Award Of The IFFS

International Competition: Feature Films

We decide to give the Quijote Award from the International Federation of Film Societies to a film, which shows a powerful female role. The description of the couple protagonist becomes universal. As well as the symbolism derivative from the context and the way how the main protagonist, the Jewish orthodox woman, confront it. And the unexpected end could be shocking for the audience, but that gives them the key for understand the story of the film.

Best International Short Film Award

Compétition internationale: Courts métrages

Iceberg represents a true encounter between a director who observes the world around her and Teresa, who is trying to call her own shots. Unmasked and naked, Teresa struggles not to sink into despair, her view of life being closely interlinked with death. Hypersensitive, she calls family relationships into question, specifically disaffiliation and a belief system which, while seemingly far removed from our own lives, is a poignant portrait of life in general and the love for those around us – something that can be knocked down, and yet rise anew.With ample room for poetry, Juliana Gomez transports us to a Cuba that dreams of a better future, closer to nature, where rituals are the very essence of life, and hope is indispensable.

CH Cinema Network Prize

Mr. Alfredo

Vitor Souza Lima
Venâncio Batalhone
Marcelo Santos
Compétition internationale: Courts métrages

The film is distinguished by its lightness and apparent innocuousness that is, nevertheless, a reflection of the social and political reality of Brazil. And yet, the film never reaches the tipping point into a dramatic or heavy-handed depiction. We found the character very touching and humorous in his sincerity, the way he sees the world, and his contradictions. He is incensed with society, grumpy and full of criticisms, but deep down, he is authentic and a person with a capacity for true generosity.

image en background

Conception: By the way studio - Développement: Agence MiNT

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