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36e 18 - 27.03.2022


The festival takes place every year in March. It hosts a feature films competition, a short films competition and several parallel sections. FIFF runs projects all year long such as cultural mediation or its involvement in supporting productions.

Its mission statement:

The Fribourg International Film Festival (FIFF) discovers new and original film-making from around the world, especially Asia, Africa and Latin America, and its carefully curated competition programme serves as a showcase for these works. FIFF is an event which prizes excellence and embraces all cultures and genres, from intimate, introspective works right through to big-budget productions. At the same time, it offers a unique, welcoming and relaxed space for informal dialogue and encounters. FIFF is also passionate about spotting emerging talent and bringing these gifted film makers into FIFF’s extended family 
FIFF is an effective and committed cultural mediator, a conveyor of emotions and a firm believer in the power of cultural and linguistic diversity in film.

Details informations about the Festival's structure are available hereunder:

The Team

The Association

Facts, figures and yearly reports

FIFF is member of...


The Festival takes place every year in March and takes part in projects all year long. FIFF employs nine persons on a yearly contract and about fifteen others join the team for the months before the Festival. Each edition is possible with the help of a great number of volunteers.

The executive direction is seperated between the head of operation and the artistic direction. Philippe Clivaz directs operation since October 2019 and Thierry Jobin is FIFF's artistic director since May 2011.

More insights about the team:
The team 2021-2022
Job offers
Organisation chart (in French)

Equipe FIFF2020 par Pierre-Yves Massot



The Fribourg International Film Festival Association is the funding body of the Festival. Founded in 1987 with headquater in Fribourg, the non-profit organization aims to promote the understanding between the cultures and more particularly between the so-called North and South. It gives preference to films that stimulate reflection and provoke discussion. 

The Association is formed by Festival friends and active members (individuals or collective membership) and counts almost 300 persons. The membership fees contribute to the organization of the Festival. They are also connected to some interesting advantages. Become a friend or a member of the festival too.

More insights about the board:

Board members

Mathieu Fleury
President of the board

Since November 2018

Mathieu Fleury président du comité de l'association du FIFF

Christine Eggs

Since 2019

Christine Eggs comité FIFF 2020

Marine Jordan

Since 2019

Marine Jordan comité association FIFF 2020

Beki Probst

Since 2020


Geraldine Zeuner

Since 2020


Sven Dietrich

Since 2019

Sven Dietrich membre du comité de l'Association du FIFF 2020

Erwin Jutzet

Since 2018

Erwin Jutzet membre du comité de l'Association du FIFF 2020

Paul-Albert Nobs

Since 2017

Paul-Albert Nobs comité association FIFF 2020

Thierry Savary

Since 2019

Thierry Savary comité association FIFF 2020

Dominique Willemin

Since 2007

Dominique Willemin membre du comité de l'Association du FIFF 2020


Former presidents

Magda Bossy
Ivan Stern
Paul Jubin
Jean-Paul Rüttimann
Charles Ridoré
Jean-François Giovannini
Ruth Lüthi
Walter Stoffel
François Nordmann

Founding and institutional members

Action de Carême
Déclaration de Berne (today's name Public Eye)
Pain pour le Prochain

And joined later by l’Entraide Protestante (EPER), Frères sans frontières (today's name E-changer), Groupes volontaires d’outre-mer (GVOM) and Magasins du Monde

Board of Honour

FIFF gathers each year a Board of honour. It consists of leading figures from the political, economic, cultural and film industry world who wish to support the goals and the spirit of the Festival.

Board of honour 2019

Alain Berset
Federal Councillor 
Head of the Federal Department of Home Affairs 

Ignazio Cassis
Federal Councillor
Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Isabelle Moret
President of the National Council

Hans Stöckli
President of the Council of States

Ruth Dreifuss
Former Federal Councillor

Joseph Deiss
Former Federal Councillor
President of the 65th Session of the UN General Assembly

Anne-Claude Demierre
President of the Cantonal Government, Fribourg
Cantonal Minister of Health and Social Affairs

Kirthana Wickramasingam
President of the Cantonal Parliament, Fribourg

Hannes Zaugg-Graf 
President of the Cantonal Government, Bern

Jean-Pierre Siggen
Member of the Cantonal Government, Fribourg
Cantonal Minister of Public Education, Culture and Sport

Christine Häsler
Member of the Cantonal Government, Bern
Mathias Reynard

President of the National Council Science, Education and Culture Committee

Jacques Bourgeois
National Councillor

Christine Bulliard-Marbach
National Councillor

Valérie Piller Carrard
National Councillor

Pierre-André Page
National Councillor

Ursula Schneider Schüttel 
National Councillor

Marie-France Roth Pasquier
National Councillor

Gerhard Andrey
National Councillor

Christian Levrat
Member of the Council of States

Johanna Gapany
Member of the Council of States

Géraldine Savary
President of the Federal Film Commission
Matthias Aebischer

President of Cinésuisse

Gilles Marchand
Director-General SRG SSR

Manuel Sager 
SDC Director-General Ambassador

Isabelle Chassot
Director of the Federal Office of Culture

Astrid Epiney
Rector of the University of Fribourg

Carl-Alex Ridoré
Prefect of the La Sarine district

Thierry Steiert
Mayor of the City of Fribourg

Blaise Fasel
President of the Communal Parliament, City of Fribourg

Laurent Dietrich
Member of the Communal Parliament, City of Fribourg
Director of the Communal Department of Culture

Pascal Crittin
Director of Radio Télévision Suisse RTS

Frédéric Maire
Director of Cinémathèque suisse
Josefa Haas

President of Swiss Films

Valentin Blank
Director Suissimage

Annette Schindler
President of the Conférence des Festivals

Jean-Paul Monney
President of the Fribourg Committee of the Loterie Romande

Philippe Trinchan
Head of the Cantonal Office of Culture, Fribourg

René Schneuwly
President of the Greater Fribourg Council (Comité de l'Agglomération de Fribourg)

Natacha Roos
Head of the Communal Office of Culture, City of Fribourg

Serge Gumy
Editor-in-chief, La Liberté


Ancienne Gare Fribourg FIFF Festival International de Films de Fribourg



Here are a few statistics from FIFF 2019:

Total audience
34 536
Total films
Feature films in competition
Short films in competition
Total audience at school screenings
14 525

Conception: By the way studio - Développement: Agence MiNT

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