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FIFF as guest in Bulle 2024

Vue aérienne de la ville de Bulle avec le Logo Bulle de FIFF aux couleurs du FIFF 2024

Three days of cinema in Bulle from 22nd to 24th March 2024 for all audiences.
FIFF will bring its programme to Bulle again this year. Over one week-end, the capital of La Gruyère will host screenings of FIFF 2024 films, as well as a great line-up of events. It all begins on Friday with the opening ceremony. Saturday is dedicated to Hip-hop culture with screenings, a conversation with Mehdi Maïzi and a wild night at Nooba Bar. Sunday morning is family film time. The International Competition winners will be shown in the afternoon. FIFF is set to pull out all the stops in Bulle.
Films are screened in original version. For some of the films presented in Bulle subtitles are available in French only.

Friday 22.03

19:00 – CASABLANCA BEATS (Haut et fort)
Bande annonce
Nabil Ayouch (France, Morocco, 2021), 101 min.
OV Morocan and French, subtitles in French
Suggested age 12+

Shortlisted for the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2021, Casablanca Beats is a powerful yet sensitive story of young Moroccans torn between religious and family traditions and the desire to break free. When a new teacher arrives at the local arts centre, he uses rap to help his students find their voice

Casablanca Beats, Nabil Ayouch, 2021

Chris Nash, Canada, 2024, 94 min.
Suggested age 16+

This debut feature by Chris Nash tracks a zombie – a metaphor for Mother Nature – as it exacts its bloody revenge. The film received a standing ovation at Sundance and, as one critic noted, the Canadian director has “redefined slashers with an ultra-gory throwback that
evokes Terrence Malik.” A must-see for seasoned movie fans. Strong stomach required.

In a Violent Nature

Saturday 23.03

Wu Chuang, China, 2022, 90 min.
OV chinese, subtitles in French
Suggested age 10+

It is the summer holidays and Xiaohai is bored. While his father is working in the fields, he flees the desert farm and heads to the city to find his mother. Winner of the Shanghai Film Prize in 2023 (Best Children Film), this charming metaphorical odyssey explores the natural inquisitiveness of children and the parent-child relationship.

Summer Diary, Wu Chang, 2022

15:15 – SCARFACE
Brian De Palma, United States, 1983, 170 min.
OV English, subtitles in French
Suggested age 16+

This modern adaptation of Howard Hawks’ 1932 film is the movie that has had the greatest influence on Hip-hop culture, even though it does not reference it directly. WIth its gangsta style, cult lines (“The world is yours!”) and an iconic lead (Al Pacino as Tony Montana), Scarface is also an epic tale of minorities hustling to make a fortune.

Scarface, Brian de Palma, 1983

19:00 – 8 MILE
>>> Followed by a discussion with Mehdi Maïzi <<<

Curtis Hanson, United States, Germany, 2002, 110 min.
OV English, subtitles in French
Suggested age 16+

The 8 Mile Road in Detroit separates black and white neighbourhoods. In this semi-autobiographical pic from 1995, Eminem plays Jimmy, a self-declared piece of white trash who beats the odds to break into the world of Hip-hop. This social drama cuts deep into the bowels of US misery to lay bare the domination of one minority over the others.

8 Miles, de Curtis Hanson, 2002


21:00 – Conversation with Mehdi Maïzi
Bulle, Prado 3
In French.

Mehdi Maïzi en visite à Bulle pendant le FIFF 2024


22:15 – BLIND TU PEUX PAS TEST, hosted by Mehdi Maïzi and Drin
Nooba Bar, Grand-Rue 65, Bulle

The Blind test will focus on rap, from the 80s to present days. Compete in the Blind Test in team of 4 persons. Please register:

Blind Tu peux pas test au Nooba Bar à Bulle, FIFF 2024

OV Spanish, subtitles in English.
Suggested age 16+

Film surprise 2 au FIFF 2024

SUNDAY 24.03

Total length 49 min.
No dialog
Suggested age 4+

What if we were able to travel on a flying boat or a balloon machine? What happens when you look up at the stars for a long time? The five beautiful shorts in this evening programme follow a variety of feathered, furry and human heroes on their adventures. While different in style, all five films celebrate kindness and friendship.

La Petit Fabrique de nuages, Two Balloons.

Screening of the movie from the International Competition: Feature Films which won the Special Jury Award 2024.
OV, subtitles in French, German and English

Booking opens after the award ceremony, on Saturday 23.03 around 20:00.

Prix spécial du Jury FIFF 2024

Screening of the movies from the International Competition: Feature Films which won the Grand Prix 2024 and the winner of the International Competition: Short Films.
OV, subtitles in French, German and English.

Booking opens after the award ceremony, on Saturday 23.03 around 20:00.

Grand Prix du FIFF 2024

20:00 – AUDIENCE AWARD 2024
Screening of the movie from the International Competition: Feature Films which won the Audience Award 2024.
OV, subtitles in French, German and English

Booking opens after the award ceremony, on Saturday 23.03 around 20:00.

Prix du public du FIFF 2024

Points of sale


You can now buy your FIFF 2024 passes and tickets online.
Purchase your tickets directly from the online programme or order your Festival Passes on the online shop via the page Tickets & Passes.
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Cinemotion Prado, Rue de la Lécheretta 8, 1630 Bulle
From 22nd to 24th March, opens 30 minutes prior to the first screening.

Tickets for Bulle are also available in the Festival's box office in Fribourg (places and schedules).

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