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The Youth Jury COMUNDO 2019

Jeune public au FIFF
Jeune public au FIFF, image prétexte © FIFF/Yoann Corthésy

Since 2005, Fribourg international Films Festival and COMUNDO have collaborated for the Festival’s Youth Jury Award. This Jury gives the COMUNOD prize – consisting of a sum of CHF 5 000.- – to a feature film of the International competition which shows best their generation’s concerns.

The organisation just announced the names of the members of the 2019 Youth Jury. Here they are:

  • Anna Furter
  • Luam Kidane
  • Filipe Mendes Pereira
  • Camille Mottier
  • Livilla Norré et
  • Giorgio Ostinelli

Their predecessors awarded in 2018 the movie “After my Death” by South Korean director Kim Ui-seok. What film will be the youth’s favourite in 2019? The will tell you on 23rd March.


COMUNDO promotes personnel development cooperation (PDC). COMUNDO works with a holistic approach and encourages cross-linking between its work and various partners. COMUNDO hires qualified personnal according to projects' needs, trains them and prepares them specifically for their assignement. While on mission, co-workers are supported both by a local coordinator and by a project manager in Switzerland.

More about COMUNDO:

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