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35e 16 > 25.07.2021

Videos 2021

Videos by FIFF

Aftermovie of FIFF21

FFACE - The portrait of the audience of FIFF

Member of the FIFFamily - Photographers and video maker of FIFF (5)

Member of the FIFFamily (4) - Youth Jury COMUNDO

La Gale at FIFF21

ENCOUNTERS La Gale (Karine Guignard), Lebanon and Palestine (in French)

Member of the FIFFamily (3) - Chaperon for juries

Member of the FIFFamily (2) - The technical Team

Member of the FIFFamily (1) - Marie Fidanza, decorator for FIFF

Fribourg Films. presents an A to Z of casting

Opening of FIFF21

A FIFF-journey into sound

Planète Cinéma 2021 - FIFF's school screenings

FIFF postponned its 35th edition to July 2021

More videos on FIFF's YouTube channel 

Trailers FIFF21

Make it Family Time

Midnight Screenings

La historia del cine mexicano según sus realizadoras y realizadores

Sur la carte d'Étienne Daho

New Territory: Rwanda

Diaspora: La Gale (Karine Guignard), Lebanon and Palestine

Genre Cinema: Music!

International competition: Short films

International competition: Feature films

Trailer FIFF21 - FIFF is gearing up for its grand entrance

The trailer for Planète Cinéma 2021

Next stop, Broadway! - Your videos

The FIFF team wants to make the 35th edition of the Festival its most fun one yet. So, it has launched a contest inviting members of the public to put their own twist on their favourite scene from a music film. Whether a solo or group performance, amateur or professional, participants chose one of the music films on the Genre Cinema: Audience Choice programme and put their own twist on it.
Find here the videos FIFF has already received.

Le Théâtre de la cité
Members of Fribourg theatre company Théâtre de la cité surround themselves with great artists to answer FIFF’s musical contest. Composer Timmy Schenk drew his inspiration from Pink Floyd to create an original music on which Margie Clément delivers her rhymes. She evokes memories of that theatre, of what all theatres bring us and why we miss them.

Villarlod production - Le Tango de Stéphane
Villarlod production’s team revisited Baz Luhrmann in a “Tango for Stephen”.
Stephen, you don’t have to wear that dress tonight… a bathrobe is enough.

Tap-dancing with Aretha Franklin
The tap-dance group of Anouk Dénervaud’s school in Fribourg presents the most Broadway video of this competition. What a pleasure to see and hear tap-dance on such a timeless song! 

Le Collectif d'abord (english subtitles)
Fribourg based improv theatre company Le Collectif d’abord did not choose only one of the six selected musicals. They took inspiration from the whole and created a series of sketches.

Lovis & Petra - Time Warp
Lovis and Petra did not hesitate for one minute when they read about FIFF’s contest, in particular because The Rocky Horror Picture Show was in the list of musicals that the audience has chosen. With their dog Nietsche, the two artists present their Time Warp.

image en background image en background

Conception: Asphalte Design - Développement: Bluesystem

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