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The Haunting

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  • Fiction
  • UK, USA
  • 1963 | 112 min. | Fichier vidéo | Black and white
  • Language : English
  • Subtitles :
Cast & Crew
based on a story by Shirley Jackson
Nelson Gidding
Davis Boulton
Ernest Walter
Humphrey Searle
A.W. Watkins
Gerry Turner
Fay Compton
Russ Tamblyn
Richard Johnson
Claire Bloom
Julie Harris
Robert Wise
Production Company
, Argyle Enterprises
Robert Wise
USA, 1914 - 2005
1943 The Curse of the Cat People (first of 40 films)
1956 Somebody Up There Likes Me
1961 West Side Story (Oscars Best Film, Best Director)
1965 The Sound of Music (Oscars Best Film, Best Director)
1971 The Andromeda Strain
1979 Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Renowned for his parapsychological experiments, Professor Markway persuades a group of people to meet in an apparently haunted mansion. They are terrorised from the very first night. One woman in particular worries Markway and he advises her to leave. She refuses, claiming the house is holding her there. Probably the ultimate model for all haunted house films.

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