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People with reduced mobility

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There are spots specifically for people with wheelchairs in each cinema .

When you purchase a Festival Pass, a 5 Entries Card or a Day Ticket, you can choose a special type of pass for users of wheelchair. Using such pass will automatically book spots for wheelchairs in the screenings you would like to attend. In consequence, you do not have to inform us about your coming.

Important notice: we have a special offer for care home residents. More information in French or German on our specific page.

Deaf and hearing impaired persons

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The Festival have offered since 2016 a screening particularly appropriate for deaf and hearing impaired. The introduction before the screening is translated in French sign language.

In 2024, such offer is available for two screenings on Sunday 20th March:
- La Haine, at 17:30 in ARENA 7
- Concrete Utopia 4DX, at 18:00 in ARENA 10


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Subtitles for hearing impaired is available via the Greta app for one film of FIFF 2024:

- La Haine: in French

FIFF screens all films in original version with subtitles. Many films have English subtitles for dialogs. Please refer to the programme to know exactly which film uses English subtitles. Subtitles in French and German also available.

Blind and visually impaired persons

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An audiodescription for blind ans visually impaired persons is available for one feature film of the 2024 edition:

- La Haine : audiodescription in French

The audiodescription is available on the Greta app.

In association with Regards Neufs

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Conception et développement: Agence MiNT

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