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El Chata

El Chata

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  • Swiss Premiere
  • Fiction
  • PRI
  • 2017 | 75 min. | DCP | Colour
  • Language : Spanish
  • Subtitles : English | Français
Cast & Crew
Xenia Rivery
Gustavo Ramos Perales
Willie Berrios
Juanjo Cid
Laura Rey
Eduardo Reyes Napoles
Johannes Peters
Margarita Aponte
Alexon Duprey
Blas Sien Diaz
Modesto Lacen
Carlos Miranda
Camila Monclova
Gustavo Ramos Perales
Carmen E. Díaz
Production Company
Studio Creativo
Print Contact
Gustavo Ramos Perales
Gustavo Ramos Perales
Puerto Rico, 1980
    Student: Humanities at University of Puerto Rico
Student: Film direction and production at Septima Ars, Madrid
Producer, editor, director: TV series, sports documentaries and commercials in Puerto Rico.
After eight years in prison, 30-year-old Samuel has decided to go straight. People around him do not forgive his mistakes though and hardly remember him as the talented boxer he once was. His former coach is training a new generation and all he can offer Samuel is to become their sparring partner, their chata. But the underground club “Papillon” is not really the ideal place for a peaceful reinsertion.
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Conception: Asphalte Design - Développement: Bluesystem