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35e 16 > 25.07.2021

Programme: Workshop A Journey to Dakar

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Run by director Alain Gomis, the 2018 workshop “Grand Voyage” dealt with the theme of modernity. Under this lens, 30 film students (15 from Senegal and 15 from the Masters programme ECAL/HEAD) went out to decipher five of Dakar’s neighbourhoods using their cameras. They had three weeks to explore modernity, move beyond clichés, discover themselves through others, and, within all of this intensity, seek out a common intimacy: that of cinema.
  • World Premiere
  • CHE, SEN
  • 2019 | 90 min. | DCP | Colour
  • Language : Wolof
  • Subtitles :
Oumy Sarr Ndoye
Moustapha Guèye
Tianze Song
Olivia Frey
Elisa Gómez Alvarez
Yoro Mbaye
Omar-Latyr Ngom
Mamyto Nakamura
Nina Defontaine
Justine de Gasquet
Noémie Guibal
Ferhat Abbas
Alarba Bousso
Paul Choquet
Malou Briand
Stheori Wacherman
Raphaël Meyer
Mamadou Sané
Lucas Del Fresno
Sarah Rathgeb
Ketsia Stocker
Abdou Gning
Mame Batheli
Vanessa Ngoie
Vuk Vukmanovic
Santiago Chacón
Mohamed Lemine
Ricardo Obiang
Khadyja Mahfou Aidara
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Conception: Asphalte Design - Développement: Bluesystem