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Programme: Contes sur moi!

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Counting on each other, whatever the situation, whatever happens: this is the motto of the five short films in this selection. Five stories, five different animation techniques: paper cut-outs, digital animation, cartoons, animated puppets and stop motion.
A selection that invites us to discover animated film, its diversity, its colours and its poetry.

  • Swiss Premiere
  • Animation
  • Russie, États-Unis, Mexique, Iran
  • 40 min. | Colour
Cast & Crew
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Les Films du Whippet
Cathie Fournier
Amin Malekian
Negareh Halimi
Mohammad-Ali Soleymanzadeh
Homero Ramírez Tena
Tyler J. Kupferer
Anastasia Sokolova

Anastasia Sokolova
Ghirafa, Russia, 2014 | 8'
Tyler J. Kupferer
The Girl and the Fox, USA, 2011 | 6'
Homero Ramírez Tena
Eskimal, Mexico, 2011 | 9'
Mohammad-Ali Soleymanzadeh
Black or white, Iran, 2017 | 11'
Negareh Halimi, Amin Malekian
Polychrome, Iran, 2017 | 2'

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