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  • Fiction
  • Nepal
  • 2000 | 108 min. | Fichier vidéo | Colour
  • Language : Nepali
  • Subtitles : Français
Cast & Crew
Kesang Tseten
based on a story by Tsering Rhitar Sherpa
based on a story by Kesang Tseten
Ranjan Palit
Reena Mohan
Nhyoo Bajracharya
Harikumar Pillai
Ratan Subedi
Mithila Sharma
Gauri Malla
Nirmal Pyakurel
Rama Thapalia
Lobsang Tsultrim
Tsering Rhitar Sherpa
Ang Kusang Sherpa
Sampa Lama
Production Company
, Mila Productions Pvt. Ltd.
, NHK Japan
Print Contact
Mila Productions Pvt. Ltd.
Tsering Rhitar Sherpa
Tsering Rhitar Sherpa
Nepal, 1968
1992 – 1993 Film studies at Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi, India
1994 Tears of Torture (short documentary)
1997 The Spirit Doesn’t Come Anymore (documentary, Best Film Award at Film South Asia)
2005 Karma (FIFF 2006)
2013 Uma

Inspired by a true incident, Mukundo is the story about night watchman Dipak, who enjoys his life in a Kathmandu flat with his two young daughters and his wife, Saraswati. The latter, however, is making herself sick with anxiety over her inability to produce a male child. Mukundo is a stormy and sensual exploration of shamanic ritual, female desire, and forbidden love in modern-day Nepal. RKP

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