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  • Fiction
  • Germany
  • 1931 | 117 min. | DCP | Black and white
  • Language : German
  • Subtitles :
Cast & Crew
Fritz Lang
Thea von Harbou
Fritz Arno Wagner
Paul Falkenberg
Adolf Jansen
Theodor Loos
Otto Wernicke
Inge Landgut
Ellen Widmann
Peter Lorre
Seymour Nebenzal
Production Company
, Nero-Film AG
Print Contact
Praesens Film AG
Pete Gassmann
Fritz Lang
Germany, 1890 - 1976
1919 Halbblut (first film)
1922 Doktor Mabuse, der Spieler
1941 Man Hunt
1944 The Woman in the Window
1953 The Big Heat
1956 While The City Sleeps
1963 Honorary Award (German Film Awards)

A serial killer is targeting children in the heart of the city. The police investigation goes into the seediest parts of town. Bothered by the increased attention, the criminal underworld decides to take matters into its own hands and find the killer in an atmosphere of suspicion and denunciation. M was Fritz Lang’s first sound film. The producers hired real ex-convicts to act in the film.

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