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Lina from Lima

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The first feature film by documentary maker María Paz González tells the story of Lina, who left her young son Junior behind in Peru ten years earlier to work as a maid for a Chilean family. As the reunion with her now teenage son nears, Lina escapes into a fantasy world where she is a musical-comedy star.

This feature film is available on (until 19th April 2020)

  • Swiss Premiere
  • fiction
  • Chili, Argentine, Pérou
  • 2019 | 83 min. | Colour
  • Language : Spanish
  • Subtitles : French | German | English
Cast & Crew
Maria Gonzalez Guzman
Benjamín Echazarreta
Anita Remon
Cali Flores
José Manuel Gatica
Sofía Straface
Quijote Films
Print Contact
Latido Films
Maria Gonzalez Guzman

2005 Antes que todo (documentary)

2012 Hija (documentary)
2012 Writer: Profes (documentary)
2016 Executive Producer: Resurrecting Hassan (documentary)
2017 Producer: Robar a Rodin (documentary)

Proudly made by MiNT

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