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36e 18 - 27.03.2022

Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl

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In 2013, Kate Nash seemed stuck in a dead end. In 2007, only six years earlier and at the tender age of 20, she had been crowned the princess of indie Brit pop. Over the next five years, she does not give up. She reinvents herself, explores new sonic spaces and finally breaks free from an industry that is rarely kind to its female stars. The film depicts an artist in full combat mode.
  • Swiss Premiere
  • documentary
  • United Kingdom, USA
  • 2018 | 90 min. | Colour
  • Language : English
  • Subtitles : French | German
Cast & Crew
Mitch Arens
Amy Goldstein
Lee Jones
Nicholas Lattimore
Caitlin Dixon
Kate Nash
Edmond Coblentz
Kate Nash
Linda Buratto
Emma Hugues
Alicia Warrington
Amy Goldstein, Span Productions
Anouchka van Riel, Span Productions
Span Productions
Print Contact
UDI - Urban Distribution International
Amy Goldstein
2010 The Hooping Life (documentary)
2000 East of A (awarded in Santa Barbara)
1992 The Silencer (first feature)
1989 Rod Stewart: Downtown Train (music video)
1986 Commercial for Murder (short)

Conception: By the way studio - Développement: Agence MiNT

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