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36e 18 - 27.03.2022

Il Deserto Rosso

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Giuliana is married to Ugo, an engineer working in the port. They have a son, Valerio. The neurotic Giuliana is planning to open a shop. At the same time, she becomes close with, and then opens up to, Corrado, a colleague of her husband’s. This film won Michelangelo Antonioni the Golden Lion at the Mostra di Venezia in 1964.

  • Fiction
  • Italy, France
  • 1964 | 117 min. | Colour
  • Language : Italian | Turkish
  • Subtitles : English
Cast & Crew
Tonino Guerra
Michelangelo Antonioni
Carlo Di Palma Di Palma
Eraldo Da Roma
Vittorio Gelmetti
Giovanni Fusco
Claudio Maielli
Tonino Cervi
Production Company
, Francoriz Production
, Federiz
, Film Duemila
Michelangelo Antonioni
Italy, 1912 - 2007
1960 L'avventura (Audience Prize Festival de Cannes 1960)
1961 La Notte (Golden Bear Berlinale 1961)
1962 L'Eclisse (Jury Special Prize Festival de Cannes 1962)
1966 Blow-Up (Palme d’or Festival de Cannes 1967)

Conception: By the way studio - Développement: Agence MiNT

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