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FIFF extra time online

Bad Christmas, Gastón Portal, FIFF21
Bad Christmas, Gastón Portal, Prix spécial du Jury, FIFF21

Do you want some more? Starting this Monday 26th July up to 15th August, you can watch or rewatch online several feature films and short films of our programme. Those films are available to viewers in Switzerland on FestivalScope website at the price of CHF 10.- per viewing. The international viewers can enjoy 15 out 16 short films of the international competition with 300 viewings for free.

Watch films


  • Yellow Cat
    Yellow Cat, Adlikhan Yerzhanov, FIFF21

    International competition: Feature films
    Adilkhan Yerzhanov (Kazakhstan, France, 2020)
  • Bad Christmas
    La Noche Magica, Gastón Portal, FIFF21

    International competition: Feature films - Special Jury Award
    Gastón Portal (Argentina, Uruguay, 2021)
  • Josée
    Josée, Kim Jong-Kwan, FIFF21

    International competition: Feature films
    Kim Jong-wan (Corée du Sud, 2020)
  • Le Choc du futur
    Le Choc du Futur, Marc Collin, FIFF21

    Genre cinema: music!
    Marc Collin (France, 2019)
  • White Riot
    White Riot, Rubika Shah, FIFF21

    Genre cinema: music!
    Rubika Shah (Great-Britain, 2019)
  • Imbabazi: Le Pardon
    Imbabazi, Joel Karekezi, FIFF21

    New Territory: Rwanda
    Joel Karekezi (Rwanda, 2013)
  • 100 Days
    100 days, Nick Hughes, FIFF21

    New Territory: Rwanda
    Nick Hughes (Great-Britain, Rwanda, 2001)
  • Gardiens de la mémoire
    Gardiens de la mémoire, Eric Kabera, FIFF21

    New Territory: Rwanda
    Eric Kabera (Rwanda, 2004)
  • Munyurangabo
    Munyurangabo, Lee Isaac Chung, FIFF21

    New Territory: Rwanda
    Lee Isaac Chung (Rwanda, USA, 2007)
  • Night of the Undead
    Night of the Undead, Shin Jeong-won, FIFF21

    Midnight screenings
    Shin Jeong-won (South Korea, 2020)
  • The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale
    The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale, Lee Min-jae, FIFF21

    Midnight screenings
    Lee Min-jae (South Korea, 2019)

Watch films


  • Monsters never know
    Monsters Never Know - Yang Ming, FIFF21

    Best international short film
    Ming Yang | 2020 | 15min
  • All the time
    All the time, Shadi Karamroudi, FIFF21
    Shadi Karamroudi | 2020 | 15min
  • Carmina
    Carmina, Luis Flores RÁbago

    Luis Flores Rábago | 2020 | 26min
  • Dusk
    Dusk, Ujjal Paul, FIFF21
    Ujjal Paul | 2019 | 24min
  • False Ceiling
    False Ceiling, Mohsen Najafi Mehri

    Mohsen Najafi Mehri | 2020 | 20min
  • Five Stars
    Five Stars - Mahroz Amin, FIFF21
    Mehroz Amin | 2020 | 13min
  • Housemaid
    Housemaid, Prach Rojanasinwilai, FIFF21

    Prach Rojanasinwilai | 2020 | 21min
  • I Bit My Tongue
    I bit my tongue - Nina Khada, FIFF21

    Nina Khada | 2020 | 25min
  • Live in Cloud-Cuckoo Land
    Live In Cloud-Cuckoo Land - Nghia Vu Minh, Minh Thy Phạm Hoàng, FIFF21

    Pham Hoang Minh Thy | 2020 | 20min
  • Made in China
    Made in China, Ale Damiani, FIFF21

    Ale Damiani | 2020 | 7min
  • Someone else
    Someone Else, Milorad Milatovic, FIFF21

    Milorad Milatovic | 2020 | 15min
  • Tradition
    Tradition, Zhanuzak Mamytov, FIFF21
    Zhanuzak Mamytov | 2019 | 13min

Watch films

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