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35e 16 > 25.07.2021

A Chinese Ghost Story

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A shy but enthusiastic employee, Ning's job as a tax collector takes him to far flung provinces. He meets a Taoist monk and a mysterious woman in a temple. This irresistible woman is a ghost who seduces men and offers them to a terrible "tree demon". The film won awards at all the fantasy film festivals of 1987 and 1988 and represents a landmark in the history of ghost films.

  • Fiction
  • Hong Kong
  • 1987 | 98 min. | Colour
  • Language : Cantonese
  • Subtitles : Anglais
Cast & Crew
based on a story by Songling Pu
Kai-chi Yuen
Sander Lee
Yongheng Huang
Moon-tong Lau
David Wu
James Wong
Romeo Díaz
Qun Xue
David Wu
Xiaolong Cheng
Leslie Cheung
Joey Wang
Wu Ma
Wai Lam
Siu-ming Lau
Hark Tsui
Claudie Chung Jan
Production Company
, Cinema City Film Productions
Siu-tung Ching
China, 1953
1983 Xian si jue (first of 20 films)
1985 Witch from Nepal
1990 Swordsman
1990 A Chinese Ghost Story 2
1991 A Chinese Ghost Story 3
1992 Swordsman 2
1993 Swordsman 3
2001 Wo de Ye man Tong xue
2011 The Sorcerer and the White Snake
image en background image en background

Conception: Asphalte Design - Développement: Bluesystem

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