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Following the controversy surrounding Les Valseuses, Blier decided to turn his attention to "the excesses of feminism". The result is A Clockwork Orange 'à la française', which sees men running scared of sexually rapacious women. By reversing the roles, Blier sought to show that domination, both male and female, was unacceptable. He would later refer to the film as "the biggest cock-up" of his life.
  • fiction
  • France
  • 1976 | 101 min. | Colour
  • Language : French
  • Subtitles : German
Cast & Crew
Betrand Blier
Philippe Dumarçay
Claude Renoir
Claudine Merlin
Georges Delerue
William Robert Sivel
Jean-Pierre Marielle
Jean Rochefort
Betrand Blier
Brigitte Fossey
Bernard Artigues
Claude Berri
Christian Fechner
Les Films Christian Fechner
Renn Productions
Print Contact
Tamasa Distribution
Bertrand Blier
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