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36e 18 - 27.03.2022

The Wheel

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A couple of young Egyptian fairground artists wait impatiently for the new act they are to perform, hoping that it will get them out of their daily grind…

  • European Premiere
  • Fiction
  • Egypt
  • 2015 | 14 min. | Colour
  • Language : Arabic
  • Subtitles : English
Cast & Crew
Menna Ekram
Ghassan Nazmi
Raymond Atef
Moheb Safa
Marco Atef
Ola Abul Shalashel
Shady Adbullah
Menna Ekram
Print Contact
Menna Ekram
Menna Ekram
Kuwait, 1986
2011 Production Designer: Mish Ossa Kbeereh (short)
2011 Assistant Art Director: Al Wadi (short)
2012 Editor: The Dark Outside (short)
2013 Screenwriter: The Song of Silence (short)

Conception: By the way studio - Développement: Agence MiNT

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