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35e 16 > 25.07.2021

The Quest for Tonewood

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A luthier is obsessed with the idea of crafting a violin, the sound of which is so exceptional that it will thrill the musician who plays it and caress the souls of those who hear it. This will require a special type of wood, cut from a hallowed tree that is only found in a Balkan forest. A musical quest that is as thrilling as a high-stakes treasure hunt.

  • Swiss Premiere
  • documentary
  • Norway, Netherlands
  • 2021 | 90 min. | Colour
  • Language : Bosnian | English | Italian |
  • Subtitles : French | German
Cast & Crew
Hans Lukas Hansen
Karl Erik Brøndbo
Christoffer Heie
Ginge Anvik
Lise Voldsdal
Paul Gies
Gaspar Borchardt
Sibylle Fehr-Borchardt
Janine Jansen
Bojan Tomic
Benedikte Danielsen, Norsk Fjernsyn as
Monday Production
Norsk Fjernsyn AS
Print Contact
cineworx GmbH
Hans Lukas Hansen

2020 Executive producter: Steffen − Arven etter Ivers (TV movie documentary)

2014 Producer: Operasjon konspirasjon (TV movie documentary)
2006 Med flagget på brystet (documentary short)

image en background image en background

Conception: Asphalte Design - Développement: Bluesystem

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