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Mad Max: Fury Road

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Still on his own, Max is captured by the sect led by Immortan Joe, a tyrant who is more monster than human. When Furiosa, one of Joe's loyal lieutenants, escapes, taking his many wives with her, Max reluctantly finds himself at the centre of a chase that might just change his life. This epic, adrenaline-fuelled, battle-heavy race through the desert won six awards at the 2016 Oscars.

With French subtitles only

A "Mad Max Night" ticket is available. It gives access to the four screenings at the preferential rate of CHF 45.- (reduced at CHF 38.-). Please book a seat for each screenings!

Careful: we change the clocks that night. The screening starts at 6:40 Summer time.

  • fiction
  • Australia, USA |
  • 2015 | 120 min. | Black & Chrome
  • Language: English | Russian
  • Subtitles: French
Cast & Crew
George Miller
Brendan McCarthy
Nick Lathouris
John Seale
Margaret Sixel
Junkie XL
David White
Mark A. Mangini
Ben Osmo
Gregg Rudloff
Chris Jenkins
Tom Hardy
Charlize Theron
Nicholas Hoult
Hugh Keays-Byrne
Doug Mitchell
George Miller
P.J. Voeten
Kennedy Miller Productions
Warner Bros.
Print Contact
Park Circus Limited
image en background

Conception: By the way studio - Développement: Agence MiNT

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