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Awards and Juries

Grand Prix of the Fribourg International Film Festival

The Grand Prix of the Fribourg International Film Festival consists of CHF 30,000 jointly bestowed by the State of Fribourg (CHF 20,000) and the Municipality of Fribourg (CHF 10,000). This award is conferred upon the director (CHF 20,000) and the producer (CHF 10,000) of the film selected by the International Jury.

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Best International Short Film Award

The Best International Short Film Award, which is sponsored by Groupe E, recognises innovative, independent film-making by emerging young talent. The Short Film Jury will award the CHF 7500 cash prize to the winning director.

Special Jury Award

This prize consisting of CHF 10,000 is awarded by the Swiss Authors Society (SAS) and Suissimage. It is bestowed on the director of the film chosen by the International Jury for the inventiveness of the screenplay and the direction, the rejuvenation of the cinematographic language, or the thematic and formal audacity shown.

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The Audience Award

This prize, consisting of CHF 5000, is supported by FIFF and Banque Cantonale de Fribourg and awarded to the director of the film selected by the audience.

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The Ecumenical Jury Award

This award (CHF 5000) is conferred jointly by two development-cooperation organisations, Action de Carême (Catholic) and Pain pour le Prochain (Protestant), to the director whose film best reflects the values upon which these two organisations base their support to the struggle of poor populations in African, Asian or Latin American countries. The Ecumenical Jury is composed of representatives of the two development agencies of the Churches, and representatives of SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communication ( and INTERFILM (International Interchurch Film Organisation,

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Critics’ Choice Award

Awarded by a Jury of members of the Swiss Film Journalist Association, this prize aims to promote the cinema as an art and encourage new and emerging films.

The Youth Jury Award COMUNDO

Conferred by COMUNDO and amounting to CHF 5000, this prize is awarded by the Youth Jury. It aims not only to give young people a say in the Festival, but also to highlight a film that takes into account the problems faced by young people in today’s world. It is aimed to raise awareness in students and apprentices of the irreplaceable means provided by films – beyond mere diversion – to discover the riches of other cultures and to learn tolerance and justice.

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The Don Quijote Award of the International Federation of the Film Societies IFFS

Founded in 1947 during the Cannes Festival, the FICC/IFFS has grouped together the federations of non-profit movie clubs and theatres on the five continents. One of the major aims of the IFFS is to discover and diffuse major films. To this end, the IFFS has created Discovery, an international network of cinematographic distribution, which aims to allow the public to have access to films that are not usually part of regular programmes in movie theatres. The pilot project, launched in the Spring of 1998, established a catalogue of the Discovery network made up of films having received prizes from the IFFS Juries. A selection of such films is shown once a year at the International Film-Club Festival at Reggio di Calabria in Italy.


CH Cinema Network Prize

Prize money of CHF 3000 is awarded to the best short film entered in the International Competition. It will be awarded by a new jury of CH Cinema Network students from Lausanne, Lugano and Zurich universities, ECAL, HEAD and ZHDK. Based on an exchange between universities, higher education establishments and filmmaking institutions, this national programme combines hands-on instruction and university teaching.

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Passeport suisse – Foreign Visa Prize

This prize of CHF 1,000 is sponsored by E-changer and Fribourg Solidaire. Every year, Switzerland's top film schools are invited to send in short films (20 minutes maximum) made by their students. These top films by the future filmmakers of Switzerland are submitted to the wisdom of the members of the New Territory section, which this year is composed of Nepalese producers and directors.

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Participation diploma

Each director whose film is shown during the Festival receives a diploma certifying his or her participation.

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