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35e 19 > 28.03.2021

The Maidroid

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  • Swiss Premiere
  • Fiction
  • South Korea
  • 2015 | 76 min. | DCP | Colour
  • Language : Korean
  • Subtitles :
Cast & Crew
Park Woo Ri
Sun Sang Jae
Park In-Soo
Yeon Song-Ha
Hong Young-Geun
Aino Kishi
No Zin-soo
Kang Yang-gil
Production Company
, Bun-hong-shin Film
, Blue Eye Entertainment
Print Contact
M-Line Distribution
Jin Park
No Zin-soo
South Korea, 1970
2000 Assistant director: Asako in Ruby Shoes
2000 Screenwriter: Bloody Beach
2008 A Boy Who is Walking in the Sky (first film)
2009 Norwegian Woods
2014 Total Messed Family
2014 The Suffered
2015 Death in the Desert

Why don't we finish the day with an hilarious erotic sci-fi comedy? Sang-soo, the film's anti-hero, knows a thing or two about exhaustion: he works five different jobs a day. So he is delighted when an android manufacturer sends him a young, sexy robot maid. But there's a problem: he has to return her back to sender after a few days.…

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Conception: Asphalte Design - Développement: Bluesystem