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35e 16 > 25.07.2021

FIFF at Cannes Film Festival

Thierry Jobin, directeur artistique du FIFF © FIFF/Julien Chavaillaz
Thierry Jobin, directeur artistique du FIFF © FIFF/Julien Chavaillaz

Cannes Film Festival opened this Tuesday 14th May. The first image about Cannes that may come to mind is that of a red carpet and stars who parade on it. Cannes is however more than a mere walk up redded stairs – in particular for Fribourg International Film Festival.

The French Film Festival is key to the coming FIFF. Members of Fribourg's team find there the essence of the sections of FIFF. This year, artistic director Thierry Jobin is at Cannes together with Jean-Philippe Bernard, Sophie Sallin and Marc Maeder, both members of the selection committees. They meet around a hundred international vendors and look through their catalogs before their films had even found national distributors. In between two meetings, they still have time for screenings. They will discover in this year's competition for the Palme d'Or the latest movies by former guests at FIFF: the Dardenne brothers, Ken Loach and Bong Joon-ho.

In order to share insight into Cannes Film Festival, Thierry Jobin writes each day a personnal coverage. His column is published by the daily newspaper La Liberté*. Here are the links to his articles (in French only):

15.05 «Si même Sylvester Stallone y va, alors...»
16.05 «Il en aurait pensé quoi, Truffaut?»
17.05 «Et la Palme d'or est attribuée à...»
19.05 «Dujardin contamine la Croisette»
20.05 «Vers la parité femmes-hommes, an 2»
21.05 «Portrait de la Croisette de 0 à 11 000»
22.05 «Si vous proposiez un film à Cannes?»
23.05 «La nuit où Tarantino a fait Bong»
26.05 «La revanche des gens bien»

* Subscribers of La Liberté have free access to the articles. Others may purchase individual access (see terms on the website).

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