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35e 16 > 25.07.2021

Containment: good tips for online streaming

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Great cinema has to be watched on silver screens. As soon as cinema theaters reopen, go there and enjoy real cinema.

It would be however sad to prevent oneself from viewing good films during this time of containment. Here is a list of tips for streaming platforms, some with free access to films.

1. Partners who will (very soon) host FIFF films

Festival Scope
Festivals on demande for film lovers world wide. Festival Scope offers films selected by festival from all over the world with free access on a limited period of time.
Benefits: world cinema is one click away; free access.

The movie website. A selection of the best new films until recently in the theatres, continuously supplemented by rereleases, classics, documentaries, short films, kid's pix, all of them in HD, in the original version with freely selectable subtitles or in German or French dubbed versions.
Benefits: Cinefile offer bonus with each films; first month is free.

Your arthouse cinema at home. It is the streaming platform of the following Swiss vendors: trigon-film, cineworx, filmcoopi, Look Now! et Sister Distribution. It offers more than 500 films from Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.
Benfits: movies in original version with subtitles.

2. Various platforms

Outside the Box
The Swiss vendor offer its film in VOD, many of them being Swiss productions, such as Chrieg, Home, Those who work. They also have an offer for kids, with Gordon and Paddy which comes with educational material.
Benefit: 50% on part of the offer during this time of quarantine.
The best short films of the world on your own screen, this is what the website promises.
Benefit: a test helps you find the titles made for you.

Watch independant documentaries on a subscription-based plateform.
For those in love with documentary films of any kind.

Films for the Earth
Films about sustainability, nature and ecology. This website is linked to Film for the Earth Festival.
Benefit: dozens of film in free access.

The Best of Electronic Music Documentary Films
Discover electronic music through a large selection of musical documentary films.
Benefit: you can dance in your leaving room.

3. Directory

Filmo (in French, German, Italian)
Rediscover Swiss films which independant experts recommend for you.
Benefit: try using the "film-concierge" which helps you find the film that fits most your present envy.

Open culture
A 1,150 films directory all available for free and legally. For example: M by Fritz Lang, One Eyed Jacks, only film directed by Marlon Brando (1961), many Westerns, Battleship Potemkin and also, for fans of South Korean ciname, more than 100 films put on YouTube by the Korean Film Archives.

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