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36e 18 - 27.03.2022

The Chick

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A cook working in a motorway restaurant somewhere in the desert has to find a way of saving her young female friend, an illegal immigrant from Afghanistan. An absurd, tender and suspenseful film.
  • Swiss Premiere
  • fiction
  • Iran
  • 2020 | 14 min. | Colour
  • Language : Dari | Farsi |
  • Subtitles : English | French | German
Cast & Crew
Bijan Aarabi
Hadi Behrooz
Vahid Qazi Mirsaeed
Arash Ghasemi
Masoomeh Ghasemipour
Ali Bagheri
Shahla Akbari
Hassan Ali Akbari
Seyed maziyar Hashemi, Ideh Honar Bonyan
Print Contact
Kamyar Mohsenin
Bijan Aarabi
2017 Larvae (short)
2016 In a Hurry (short)
2013 The Last Light (short)
2010 Lost Dream (short)
2007 Shoghal Margi (short)
Master's degree in dramatic literature and bachelor's degree in film directing from Tehran Soureh University

Conception: By the way studio - Développement: Agence MiNT

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