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35e 16 > 25.07.2021

Award Winners 2016

palmarès mountain

The FIFF anniversary edition was a resounding success. The Regard d’or, which comes with a 30'000 CHF cash prize, went to Israeli filmmaker Yaelle Kayam for her film Mountain. The International Jury: Feature Films – in a competition that was not numerically dominated by women – also chose to give a Special Jury Award worth 10'000 CHF to Mexican film Semana Santa by Alejandra Márquez Abella. The jury also gave a special mention to YO by Matías Meyer. The audience had an award too, which went to Blanka by Japanese director Kohki Hasei. The International Jury for Short Films selected the documentary Iceberg by Cuban filmmaker Juliana Gómez. The Swiss film students making up the CH Cinema Network Jury, a first time participant, attributed their prize to the Brazilian short Mr. Alfredo. The total cash value of the prizes awarded amounted to 65'500 CHF. Jane Campion, the grande dame of cinema and the only woman to have been awarded the Palme d’Or, welcomed the tribute paid to women by the FIFF. During the past week, the festival put the spotlight on African women directors, welcoming Nadia El Fani, Angèle Diabang, Rama Thiaw and Pocas Pascoal. Yangzom Brauen, Swiss-Tibetan filmmaker, was awarded the « Enrico Fulchignoni Award » by the UNESCO for her short film Born in Battle. With intercultural dialogue becoming more important than ever, this 30th edition has confirmed the essential position held by the FIFF. The week was punctuated by a series of discussions and debates centring around the place of women in film. Both speakers and festivalgoers appreciated the context, which was conducive to raising issues related to current events. Pierre Rissient, a leading figure in the film world, captured his audience by sharing several unjustly forgotten works by filmmaker Ida Lupino.

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