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Vote for the five films you would love to see at FIFF’s 36th edition.

FIFF goes again where practically no other film festival has gone before – it turns over part of its programming to the public. The audience can choose here their favourite five films from a list of fifty and those that receive the most votes will be screened as part of the 2021 Genre Cinema section. After last year vote for musicals, the audience can choose films about the end of the world for the 2022 edition of the Festival.

Dear members of the audience, select your five favourite films and click “send”. You e-mail address is required only to validate your vote.
At the end of the vote, on 14th November, the most-wanted films will form the FIFF’s pioneering Genre cinema: Audience Choice section.

When the Wind Blows

1. When the Wind Blows

Panic in Year Zero

2. Panic in Year Zero


3. Threads

The Happening

4. The Happening

Young Ones

5. Young Ones

Things to Come

6. Things to Come

The Day the Earth Caught Fire

7. The Day the Earth Caught Fire


8. Interstellar

Dr. Strangelove

9. Dr. Strangelove

Deep Impact

10. Deep Impact

Crack in the World

11. Crack in the World

Goodbye World

12. Goodbye World

The Chosen

13. The Chosen

Donnie Darko

14. Donnie Darko


15. Lifeforce

The Core

16. The Core

Happy End

17. Happy End

Blast from the Past

18. Blast from the Past

Z for Zachariah

19. Z for Zachariah

The Last Wave

20. The Last Wave

Miracle Mile

21. Miracle Mile

Southland Tales

22. Southland Tales

How I Live Now

23. How I Live Now


24. Carriers

The World's End

25. The World's End


26. Melancholia

Dark City

27. Dark City

War of the Worlds

28. War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds

29. The War of the Worlds


30. Meteor

The End / Fin

31. The End / Fin

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

32. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

End of the World

33. End of the World

This is the End

34. This is the End

The Night Eats the World

35. The Night Eats the World

Last Night

36. Last Night


37. 2012

The War Game

38. The War Game


39. Kaboom

Seeking a friend for the end of the world

40. Seeking a friend for the end of the world


41. Contagion

These Final Hours

42. These Final Hours

The Day After

43. The Day After

The Wandering Earth

44. The Wandering Earth

The Day After Tomorrow

45. The Day After Tomorrow

Phase IV

46. Phase IV

Perfect Sense

47. Perfect Sense

Fail Safe

48. Fail Safe


49. Armageddon

The Andromeda Strain

50. The Andromeda Strain

The Day the Earth Stood Still

51. The Day the Earth Stood Still

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