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Cinema, a ghost machine?

Fri | 07.04 | 14:00- 17:30 | ARENA 7

The figure of the ghost is a part of cinema and its history. Directing or depicting a ghost explores the way humans relate to death. Moreover, cinema relies on the illusion produced by appearing and disappearing images and projections of shade and light. This creates a perfect way of evoking and portraying ghostly figures that are usually invisible. So, what's the best way to represent death and build a narrative around these absent forms? What do ghosts symbolise? Why are there certain cultural taboos around depicting them? How does ghost in movies blures the borders between visible and invisible in the cinema, between reason and faith, materiality  and immateriality ?

A specialist (Mireille Berton, Doctor in Letters and expert in the historic approach of bonds between cinema and sciences of the psyche) and several professional of the cinema, - Mattie Do (director of Dearest Sister, 2016), Annick Mahnert (producer of Dearest Sister and 78/52), Mbithi Masya (director of Kati Kati, 2016), Kamal Musale (director of Mumbai Bird, 2017), whose movies, presented at the FIFF, approach the ghostly figures and will try to answer these questions.

Moderation: Pamela Pianezza (journalist, photographer, in charge of short films at the FIFF)


  • 14h05-14h30: Introduction by Mireille Berton
  • 14h30-15h15: Panel 1 : Mattie Do, Annick Mahnert
  • 15h15-15h30: Questions and answers
  • 15h30-16h00: Break
  • 16h00-16h45: Panel 2 : Mbithi Masya, Kamal Musale
  • 16h45-17h00: Questions and answers
  • 17h00-17h30: Everyone: conclusions
  • After 17h30: Aperitif

French, German, English

Mireille Berton
Mireille Berton
Mattie Do
Mattie Do
Annick Mahnert
Annick Mahnert
Mbithi Masya
Mbithi Masya
Kamal Musale
Kamal Musale

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