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Short films for the whole family

Remoto Controle Remoto, Bruno Bask, Brasil
"Remoto Controle Remoto", Bruno Bask, Brasil

Families crowd in every year for the short films programme that we screen at the Festival. A great number of films we showed are now available online and free of access. For you, we compiled here links to films of the last three editions. Enjoy this family time!

All the films are without dialog and for a suggested age of 4+

"(RE)COUNT ON ME!" – FIFF 2019

Counting on each other, whatever the situation, whatever the moment: this is the motto for each short films of that selection.

  • The Girl and the Fox
    The Girl and the Fox FIFF 2019

    Tyler J. Kupferer, USA, 2011
    Lenght: 5’31
    Winter is cold and food has become scarce. A girl hunts down a fox which attacked her stack. One day, the girl and the fox end up face to face!
    Watch the film

  • Eskimal 
    Eskimal Homero Ramirez Tena
    Homero Ramírez Tena, Mexico, 2011
    Lenght: 8’50
    Eskimal and Morsa are inseperable. Their duty is to protect the great glacier. When they suddenly face an imminent disaster caused by the industrial worlds, they must proove their bravery!
    Watch the film


In 2018, FIFF took part in the celebration of the bicentenary of the foundation of the city of Nova Friburgo. FIFF asked the Brazil’s Kids Film Festival (BKFF) a special selection. As funny as surprising, the following six short films showcase the diversity of today's Brasilian animation film production.

  • Um Lugar Comum | A Common Place
    Um Lugar Comum Jonas de Faria Brandao

    Jonas de Faria Brandão, Brasil, 2009
    Lenght: 10'
    Two kids plant a seed in a park. Season after season, the seed grows into a tree as the two friends grow up... A story about the cycle of life and about friendship.
    Watch the film

  • Remoto Controle Remoto
    Remoto Controle Remoto Bruno Bask

    Bruno Bask, Brasil, 2011
    Lenght: 2'
    Let's observe a family from the TV-set, in front of which Sebastian sits forever. Will he leave the sofa at last?
    Watch the film

  • Paleolito
    Paleolito Ismael Lito
    Ismael Lito, Gabriel Calegario, Brasil, 2013
    Lenght: 6'
    During his daily quest for food a caveman mistakenly awakes a monster made of stone. They end up hunting a mammoth together.
    Watch the film

  • Super Plunf
    Super Plunf Camila Kauling Rumpf

    Camila Kauling Rumpf, Henrique Luiz Pereira Oliveira, Brasil, 2014
    Lenght: 8'
    Super Plunf's main character – a small boy – eats only instant food coming out of a machine. His love for recording sounds will drive him to discover new ways of eating. 
    > Watch the film

  • Caminho dos Gigantes | Way of Giants
    Caminhos dos Gigantes Alois Di Leo
    Alois Di Leo, Brasil, 2016
    Lenght: 12'
    Oquirá is a native girl of 6 who lives in a forest of giant trees. She questions her destiny to learn and respect the cycle of life. The film poetically explores the power of the nature and our link with the earth and its elements.
    > Watch the film
    > Watch the making-of

  • Brinquedo Novo | New Toy
    Brinquedo Novo Dogério Boechat
    Rogério Boechat, Brasil, 2016
    Lenght: 7’
    A baby received from their mother a teddy bear which soon becomes their best friend. As time goes by the boy finds it however boring. An encounter will soon bring about some change...
    > Watch the film


Ghost stories coming from all over the world!

  • Sinfonía del Viaje a la Luna | A Journey to the Moon Symphony
    Sinfonia del Viaje a la Luna

    Sandra Reyes Sotomayor, Colombia, 2014
    Lenght: 13’
    Nicolas is convinced that his grandmother will go to the moon after her death. He is looking for a way to visit her by all means.
    > Watch the film

  • Dip Dap: Scary things
    Dip Dap Steve Roberts

    Steve Roberts, United Kingdoms, 2011
    Lenght: 3’
    Dip Dap finds a new friend: a ghost afraid of everything. How could he help the ghost?
    > Watch the film

  • Ghost Hour | Spoku Stunda
    Ghost Hour Nils Skapans

    Nils Skapāns, Lettonie, 2014
    Lenght: 7’
    Just like every single night a ghost goes out for its job of scaring people off. An audacious kid will however counteract its plan...
    > Watch the film

  • La maison en petits cubes | Tsumiki no Ie
    Maison en petits cubes Kunio Kato

    Kunio Katô, Japon, 2008
    Lenght: 12'
    Because waters go on rising, an elderly man must build an additionnal storey to his house. Suddenly his pipe falls down in the flooded floors. This touching story won the Oscar for best animation short film in 2009.
    > Watch the film (middle quality)

  • Spiritisme abracadabrant
    Spiritisme Abracadabrant Georges Méliès

    Georges Méliès, France, 1900
    Lenght: 1’
    A man who returns back home tries to undress: his top hat and his coat play unstopping tricks on him to keep themselves from being put aside.
    > Watch the film

  • La Clownesse fantôme
    La clownesse fantôme Georges Méliès

    Georges Méliès, France, 1902
    Lenght: 1’
    A clown-woman, an illusionist and their assistant present trick of disappearance, appearance and transformation. A perfect example of the first sepcial effects in films!
    > Watch the film

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