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Les articles du FIFF21 en commande

Offer (yourself) some FIFF with our various articles.

Purchase, delivery and local pickup
You can use the form available in French  to order articles. You will receive a printed invoice to proceed with paiement.
There are two ways to get your order: local pickup at FIFF-office or postal delivery.

Local pickup
Please order the articles online first and we will prepare your articles for pickup. The free-of-charge local pickup is possible every Tuesday between 13:30 and 17:30 at our offices on the first floor of the Café de l'Ancienne Gare in Fribourg (Esplanade de l’Ancienne Gare 3, 1700 Fribourg).

Postal delivery
We send your order by posts to any address in Switzerland for a fixed fee of CHF 8.-, whatever the number of items. Our team will pack and send orders every Tuesday.
For delivery in other countries, fees may be higher. Please contact us by e-mail if you live outside of Switzerland.

Articles are available while stocks last.

FIFF22 chocolate

Chocolate bar made by Villars and decorated with FIFF22's colors. Four tastes are available: milk, blond, fusion, dark.

Order now

Plaque de chocolat FIFF22


Bag created from old advertising tarpaulins from the FIFF 202 edition.

Order now

Trousse FIFF par l'atelier VAM

Tote bag "Around the world in one FIFF"

Bag made of cloth with 23 translations of the sentence "Around the world in one FIFF".
Price: CHF 10.-

Two versions available

Korean: purchase now
Madarin: purchase now

Abo général FIFF 2020 student étudiant apprenti lehrling
Tote bag FIFF21 coréen

Tote bag "Member of the FIFFamily"

Bag made of cloth with 23 translations of the sentence "Member of the FIFFamily".
Price: CHF 10.-

Two versions available

Persian: purchase now
Kinyarwanda: purchase now

Tote bag FIFF21 persan
Tote bag FIFF21 Kinyarwanda

Socks of FIFF21

Your feet will be fabulous with those socks in the colour of FIFF.
Price: CHF 12.-

Two sizes available

Purchase now

Chaussettes FIFF21

FIFF mug

Treat yourself with your favourite hot beverage while preparing the watchlist for your next trip around the world in one FIFF.
Price: CHF 12.-

Purchase now

Tasse mug FIFF
Tasse mug FIFF café

Small microfibre towel

A quick wipe of your glasses and you will be as ready as can be for your next film at FIFF.
Price: CHF 5.-

Purchase now

Tissu microfibre essuie-lunette FIFF21

Shopping bag VAM

Bag made of FIFF advertising tarpaulin. Ideal for shopping at your favourite farmer's market.
Price: CHF 22.-

Limited number
Purchase now

Sac shopper VAM bâches FIFF
Sac shopper VAM bâches FIFF studio

Backpack VAM

Backpack made of FIFF advertising tarpaulin. Each item is unique.
Price: CHF 14.-

Limited number
Purchase now

Sac à dos VAM
Sac à dos VAM studio

Poster FIFF22

Poster of the 36th edition of the Festival, available in two sizes.
Price: CHF 5.- and CHF 7.-


A3, CHF 5.-: purchase now
A2, CHF 7.-: purchase now

Affiche FIFF21 merchandising

FIFF mask

The must-have fashion accessory of 2020 and 2021, that is facial mask, is available in a FIFF version!
Price: CHF 13.-

Purchase now

FIFF mask 2021
Masque sanitaire en tissu FIFF manequin


Festival Office
Esplanade de l'Ancienne-Gare 3 
1700 Fribourg
+41 (0)26 347 42 00

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