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35e 16 > 25.07.2021

Sections 2021

Pink Floyd: The Wall, 1982, by Alan Parker

Aside from its international competitions, FIFF offers each year six or seven sections which celebrate cinema from all around the world. Each section follows guidelines used each year such as Genre Cinema, New Territory or Sur la carte de... . In 2021, a new section appears: a section created by the audience of the Festival.

GENRE CINEMAThe classic genre interpreted by different cultures

FIFF 2021: Music!
The 2021 Genre Cinema section is dedicated to films about music, especially musicals but not only. This theme served as inspiration for the Festival poster – a subtle nod to the glamour and excitement of Broadway. 

Affiche du FIFF21 - 35e édition du Festival International de Films de Fribourg

The 2021 poster inspired by Broadway, made by Asphalte Design

CINÉMA DE GENRE: Audience Choice - The public chose five films out of fifty through a vote. 

FIFF 2021: Music!
FIFF goes where practically no other film festival has gone before: in October 2020, the public had the opportunity to vote for the five music-themed films they wanted to see in FIFF’s brand new and pioneering Genre cinema: Audience Choice section. The five films which gathered the most votes will be on the silver screen in Fribourg in July 2021.

Pink Floyd: The Wall, by Alan Parker, 1982

Pink Floyd: The Wall, Alan Parker, 1982

NEW TERRITORYDiscovery of a new or little-known cinematography

FIFF 2021: Rwanda
This section was programmed in 2020. Because FIFF2020 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team decided to keep this section for the 2021 edition so that we can honour the great young Rwandan cinema.

Rwanda is perhaps the country which best lives up to the ‘new territory’ appellation. A new generation of talented Rwandan film-makers are emerging and are propelling the growth of the country’s nascent film industry. The New Territory section will screen a selection of short and feature-length films, which will give visitors to FIFF 2020 the chance to witness this dynamism for themselves and hear from some of the gifted creatives behind these works.

«Imfura» de Samuel Ishimwe

Imfura, Samuel Ishimwe, 2017

DÉCRYPTAGE – Focus on a societal, political or cultural issue

FIFF 2021: History of Mexican Cinema by its Creators
This section was programmed in 2020. Because FIFF2020 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team decided to keep this section for the 2021 edition allowing FIFF to present an exceptionnal film history.

FIFF asked the biggest names working in Mexican cinema today to pick their top three Mexican films. Thirty or so directors kindly accepted, among them, Guillermo del Toro, Amat Escalante, Carlos Reygadas, Giovanna Zacharias and Arturo Ripstein. Their choices reveal the incredible diversity of Mexican cinema, while the rebellious, irreverent vein that runs through many of the films provides an illuminating insight into contemporary Mexican society.

«Los Olvidados» de Luis Buñuel

Los Olvidados, Luis Buñuel, 1950

FIFFAMILY - The meeting for movie-loving families

In the past, FIFFamily was the name given to a handful of selected films shown during the Festival. But the public wanted to see more; FIFF heeded their call. FIFFamily has become a stand-alone section geared to audiences of all ages since 2020. Its programme promises to be a real treat for movie-loving families. 

«White Snake» de Amp Wong et Ji Zhao

White Snake, Amp Wong & Ji Zhao, 2019

HOMMAGE À... A celebration of cinematic history

FIFF 2021: ...
To be announced

SUR LA CARTE DE...A well-known celebrity reveals her/his favourite films

FIFF 2021: ...
To be announced

DIASPORA A celebrity recounts her/his culture of origin through cinema

FIFF 2021: ...
To be announced

Special screenings and Events

Films of the International JuryOur judges’ successful films 

Passeport Suisse - Films made by Swiss directors or shot in Switzerland

Midnight Screenings - Not for the faint-hearted!

FIFForum - The FIFF: Not just screenings

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