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The information provided in these FAQ as well as the FIFF precautionary measures plan is subject to change and in line with the Federal Council Ordinance on COVID-19 and the Decree of the Cantonal Government of Fribourg. 

Last updated: 28.01.2021

Will there be a FIFF in 2021?

Yes, from 16th to 25th July provided that cinemas are not ordered to close in the meantime. The Festival will comply with all Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) recommendations and cantonal government directives. FIFF also has developed a set of precautionary measures; these have been approved by the Chief Cantonal Medical Officer.

What precautionary measures will be in place at FIFF venues?

Our partners – Cinémotion and Arena Cinéma – must comply with the federal norms which have been established in collaboration with ProCinema, the Swiss Association of Cinema Operators and Film Distributors.

On-site precautionary measures:

  • a protective face mask must be worn by all and at all times;
  • provision of hand sanitiser;
  • numbered seating;
  • tracing and verified data;
  • no intermission and staggered show times to reduce the number of people in common areas;
  • 60-minute break between screenings so that the auditorium can be thoroughly cleaned and aired.

What precautionary measures will be in place at FIFF points of sale on site?

The 2021 Festival will be cashless. Our points of sale will be open during the Festival, but only debit or credit cards will be accepted. We therefore recommend that you purchase your tickets online. 

If cinemas are ordered to close, will FIFF be held online?

A small section of the programme will be shown online. Although this was also the case for the 34th edition, this approach does not reflect our values or hopes. We believe that FIFF is, and must continue to be, an in-person event, where members of the public come together to watch films on a giant screen. FIFF is an experience that should be enjoyed collectively rather than in isolation from the couch. 

If film theatres are forced to close temporarily, FIFF will take place at another time during 2021. In all instances, FIFF will comply with the official directives and recommendations at the time. The mission of the Festival is to offer visitors a space to connect and enjoy the positive power of a shared experience.

Will any special guests attend the 35th edition?

Interaction between the public and special guests is written in FIFF's DNA. Our international guests will probably not attend the 35th edition in person. However, we have plans in place to connect with our guests via (live) video link following the screening of their film. The international panel discussion will also be via video link.

I feel uneasy about going to the cinema again…

First of all, we want to express our complete support for the cinema operators who we work with. 

FIFF will take all necessary action to ensure the safety of our audience, guests and co-workers. We will closely follow the situation and adapt our plans, if required. In the interests of maximum safety, we have a very strict hygiene protocol in place (see above) and liaise closely with the authorities. Of course, your safety and the safety of everyone associated with the Festival is our utmost priority.  

Will School Screenings go ahead?

Although schools can still go with students on cultural trips, they must limit each trip to one class only. The one class limitation hinders the usual organisation of FIFF’s school screenings, where many classes are grouped in a same film theatre.

As a consequence, as well as a measure to prevent any worsening of the pandemic situation, FIFF will this year as an exception visit schools and will screen films directly in classrooms.

FIFF is currently working on an easy-to-use technical solution which will allow each teacher to smoothly screen the film without external help. FIFF will also record the presentation that usually introduce each film, thus allowing teachers to show it in classrooms as well.

Provided that the situation allows it, the FIFF cultural projects team could also come in classrooms to offer activities such as talks, debates, scene analysis, etc.

FIFF will send additional and precise information to schools in teachers as the organisation of those “in-house” screenings progress.

What about the Festival's side events like drinks receptions and other social gatherings?

It will all depend on the measures which are in force in July 2021, e.g. the size of gatherings and conditions that these must meet. The Festival will not host any event which could put the health of anyone at risk. FIFF has built its success not only on the quality of the films it shows but also on the convivial atmosphere and shared moments that it offers. Nonetheless, public safety takes precedence and we will comply, of course, with all rules on social gatherings.

Thank you for the trust you have shown us and we look forward to seeing you again in the not-too-distant future.

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