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34e 20 > 28.03.2020

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Edition «34 and a half»

FIFF2020 34 et demi

The Fribourg International Film Festival presents its “34 ½” edition, following the cancellation of the 34th edition. FIFF offers an abridged version of the 2020 programme with screenings of selected films from its 2020 programme at other festivals, online, on TV and at special one-off events during the year. This quick change of plans would not have been possible without the incredible and overwhelming show of solidarity from the public and the Festival’s partners, as well as the high calibre of the programme itself and FIFF’s important network of contacts.

More details in the press release of Wednesday 11th March, "FIFF unveils its “34 ½” edition"

Films au cinéma

Films selected for FIFF2020 are in theaters. Find the list of screenings in the agenda of the Edition 34 ½.

Initials S.G. par Rania Attieh
Initials S.G. de Rania Attieh, sortie le 17 juin

Films availabel online

You will find more than fifteen films selected for the competitions of the Festival on three online platforms.

To the list of films that are available

"You Will Die at 20", Amjad Abu Alala
You Will Die at 20 by Amjad Abu Alala


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