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About cultural mediation at FIFF

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FIFF promotes cultural mediation

FIFF wants to bring cinema to the most possible varied publics. Our aim is to support access to the diversity of cinema, to offer artistic discoveries and provoke reflection by creating spaces for dialog and interractions.

Our actions are aimed at pupils from primary and secondary school, at students from maturity and professional schools, at elderly people and at deaf and partially deaf persons. We also offer to anyone the possibility to share their passion for cinema by presenting in groups of two any movie of the festival. Our work continues all year long with various projects (see Ciné Kids or past projects).

All previous links except for school program lead to pages in French. Contents are also available in German

Médiation culturelle

Delphine Niederberger
Esplanade de l’Ancienne-Gare 3
P.O. Box 550
1701 Fribourg - Switzerland

T +41 26 347 42 05
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